Pull Your Team Forward – Lead by Example


leader and team2As a leader do you ask more of your team than you are willing to give?  Are you pushing people to take on new tasks, work longer hours or accept change?  If so, how are you approaching these same situations?  The best leaders will do more, go further and embrace change quicker than their team.  They lead by example.

Most of us are in a situation where things are constantly changing.  We find it uncomfortable and disconcerting.  These situations cause us to want to play it safe and stay in the familiar routines we know well, even when we hate them.  However, moving forward means going into the unknown and doing new things.  If you, as a leader, acknowledge the discomfort of change and then change anyway people will follow you.

Here are five tips for keeping your team moving forward:

  1. Acknowledge the fear and pain caused by change.
  2. Listen…

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The man who destroyed the SWP

Pride's Purge

(rape trigger warning)

The SWP leadership’s appalling efforts to dismiss and belittle allegations by two female members against a senior member of their Central Committee have brought the revolutionary socialist organisation to the brink of complete self-destruction.

But just who is the man at the centre of sexual harassment and rape allegations – simply referred to as ‘Comrade Delta’ by the SWP – which have done so much damage to the party?

‘Comrade Delta’ is of course Martin Smith – long-time National Secretary who (apparently) resigned as a member of the SWP last July.

There was always a small chance the Socialist Workers Party could have survived the devastating long-term effects of the extremely serious allegations against Smith which emerged round about a year ago.

But it’s increasingly looking unlikely after the SWP’s recent disastrous conference which has led to yet more resignations from its already depleted membership.


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